Friday, September 19, 2008

Last Day in Kyoto

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On September 10, I went to Heian Shirine. It was red and very beautiful! I was taken a picture by other tourists. They are university students, too. And one of them is belonging to photo club. So, I could get a nice picture by chance! 

After that, I went to Kyoto University. Kyoto University is very old and has long history. It is famous for researching Human Genome nowadays. The campus of Kyoto University was very large! Of course, it doesn’t match University of Maryland. And many students were in the university even during summer vacation. And they studied in the library! So, I was surprised and thought that I have to study, too!

Then, I went back to Kyoto station and bought many souvenirs. Kyoto was really good place. And I thought I want to go to Kyoto again!


Nina Liakos said...

Hello Sae! Your Kyoto album is great! You took many beautiful pictures. I am curious, though: what is that in the 3rd picture?

I may never visit Kyoto, but at least I can get an idea of how beautiful and interesting it is from your blog.

Hugs from sunny Maryland!

Ayumi said...

I went to Kyoto as my junior high school trip, so I remember my memory. Unfortunatery, I couldn't see kinkakuji because it was being restored at the time:-(

Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan. I want to go there one more time!

Nikki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip so much. It's so fun visiting other colleges.

Have a great day!