Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinner with My Friends!

Hello! I haven't seen you for a long time. Because my computer doesn't work well. So, e-mail which I sent to Mike, Joe, Nikki, Heather and Nina on August 20 may not arrive. So sorry!! If you couldn't receive my e-mail, please tell me that. I'll send you the e-mail again. By the way, I'm using the computer in the university near my house now.

I saw my friends after a long time on August 23. We went to the restaurant in the evening. I ate the local food of Okinawa; for example, Goya chanpuru and noodle. Goya is a kind of cucurbit, and chanpuru is the dialect of Okinawa which means mixing. In sum, Goya chanpuru is fried pork with goya, other vegetables and Tofu. And it was really delicious! Also, I ate Hawaiian food. Because there is the US base in Okinawa, so, people in Okinawa have a lot of chance to eat American foods. When I ate the Hawaiian food, I remembered the foods which I ate in America. Then I talked about my life in America to my friends. They said they want to go to America. And I was glad to hear that.

After the dinner, we went to karaoke. I sang many Japanese songs. In fact, I'm not good at singing a song. But it was very fun!

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